Design Project

Daan Mulder; Form Follows Function Design Sofa.

By Daan Mulder;
Description from the designer: A three dimensional model of the sofa is created with a computer program. The model consists of three curved faces which can be virtually unfolded. Next, these faces are manufactured from steel plates with a laser cutting process. The plates are bent and welded together to obtain the final shape of the sofa. All functionalities of the sofa are created from one continuous line.


January 10 until March 10, 2011 @ RABO Bank Amsterdam Dam Square


Daan Mulder

company profile

Sometimes one sees on object of extraordinary beauty and creativity. Most people will enjoy the moment and return to day-to-day activities. Carevolution [consultants who care], decided to utilise our knowledge, experience and networks to assist this young and promising Dutch designer. Being member of the RABO council advisory SME Amsterdam; we were in the fortunate circumstance to co-create a stage for Daan Mulder’s Design Sofa. RABO Bank published the 'Form Follows Function Story' in it's employee magazine; 'Op de Bank'. Please read the Dutch Daan Mulder - RABO - Carevolution story.

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Form Follows Function Design Sofa.

photocredit; Roelof Feeringa


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