Consultants who care!

We are strategy, management, growth and M&A consultants with a curiosity for nearly any industry and a passion for: entertainment, leisure, retail, professional services care & health.

Which services to assist your organisation?

Strategic management; leading the strategy creation process.

Change management; clarifying the need to change, exploring the most appropriate change intervention and guiding the change process.

Growth and continuity management; identifying the distinctive capabilities and growth chances; continuity of the organisation requires healthy growth.

Reputation management; the key distinctive capability of an organisation, is a board concern, not merely a corporate communication effort.

M&A consultancy and valuation; source and research potential M&A targets or acquirers in line with the client's strategy. Next meet, analyse, value and negotiate and manage the M&A process. Post M&A services, will be rendered as well.

Cut the red tape; organisations suffer from bureaucracy or become a bureaucracy; cutting the red tape is immediately profitable for all stakeholders.

Serving the customer or client; your most important stakeholder with specific needs, wants and desires. A key and joint concern for the Board and Marketing & Sales.

Entrepreneurial spirit; not only in management layers, but throughout your organisation. Give people responsibility and they will create added value and work together to enhance vertical and horizontal synergies.

functional practices:

  • strategy
  • management & organisation
  • change & culture
  • restructuring
  • business development
  • mergers & acquisitions (M&A) & investments
  • marketing, corporate communication & reputation
  • cutting the red tape; reducing bureaucracy
  • ICT; E-Commerce & social media
  • customer retention and satisfaction
  • presentations & workshops (Speakers Academy)

industry practises:

  • automotive
  • (fast) food & beverages
  • health & care
  • hospitality & events
  • internet & social media
  • leisure, fitness & wellness
  • marketing & advertising
  • media, gaming, & entertainment
  • commercial real-estate
  • retail
  • private equity
  • technology, media, telecommunications (TMT)
  • tourism & sports

languages & scope:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German

Scope; we work globally, predominantly on European assignments.

presentations & workshops:

  • Strategy, what is in the name?
    The process from mission, vision, objectives to strategy.
  • Clientastic!
    Nurturing and seducing clients.
  • Cutting the red tape!
    Bureaucracy raises resistance, liberate your organisation.
  • We communicated; they did not listen!
    From traditional PR to sustained reputation management.
  • Business blindness; explore capabilities & identify markets.
    Good ideas or success attract talent and investors.

Taylor made; we tailor presentations to your needs or create entirely appropriate presentations for your organisation.


My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions. [Peter F. Drucker]

where, when, why?